Job opportunities in Radiation Oncology and related fields

You are welcome to advertise vacant positions in radiation oncology and related fields. Please submit your request by email to Advertisements cost €50 each (free of charge for ESTRO Institutional members) and are valid for 3 months, after which they will be removed.

Senior Radiation Oncologist - University Hospital - Liège, Belgium

Consultant Radiation Oncologist - UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre - Waterford, Ireland 

Director of Radiation Oncology - Jiahui Health嘉会医疗 - Shanghai, China

Lead Physicist -  GenesisCare UK - Newmarket

Senior Dosimetrist -  GenesisCare UK - Maidstone

Senior Dosimetrist -  GenesisCare UK - Nottingham

Clinical Research Fellow – Radiation Oncology, Cancer & Blood Service, Auckland City Hospital, NZ

Radiation Oncologist -Departement of Radiation Oncology - Institut Curie, France

Head of Medical Physics Radiation Oncology - Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

Post Doctoral Researcher - Medical Physics - Ingham Institute, Australia

Consultants in Clinical and Medical Oncology - Portsmouth Hospitals NHS TRUST

Radiation Oncologist - Northern Regional Cancer and Blood Service, Auckland City Hospital

Medical Physics expert - Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussels, Belgium

Professor in the field of experimental partical radiotherapy - Danish centre for Partical Therapy, Denmark

Associate Professor of experimental particle radiotherapy - Danish centre for Particla Therapy, Denmark

Principal Physicist - Oncology Physics, Cancer and Blood Service, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand