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  • [POSTPONED UNTIL 2021] ESTRO-ILROG Course on Haematological Malignancies

    Lyon, France

    The course teaches to design treatment strategies and apply modern principles of target volume definition, fractionation and treatment techniques for radiation therapy in the multimodality treatment of haematological malignancies.

    [ Early deadline: 17 March 2020 ]
  • [POSTPONED UNTIL 2022] Comprehensive Quality Management in Radiotherapy – Risk Management and Patient Safety

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Safety management is deeply embedded in the culture of radiation therapy,  in the daily attitude of staff members, within the team and also with the patients. What exactly is the level of risk? How can we  measure it? How can we manage patient safety in daily radiotherapy?  These are the  main topics of this course.

    [ Early deadline: 17th March 2020- All reduced fees have been allocated ]
    [ No reduced fees available ]
  • (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021) Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer

    Manchester, UK

    Low dose rate or high dose rate brachytherapy? What’s the difference and how do you do it? Which treatment for prostate cancer is best and in what circumstances? This course covers a range of topics from patient selection, to implant and planning technique, to new developments in the field.

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