yESTRO represents the young radiotherapy community within Europe, and consists of members from four specialities (clinicians, physicists, biologists and RTTs). The committee has the responsibility to ensure that the voices of the next generation of researchers and practitioners are heard, regarding the future of ESTRO as an interdisciplinary organisation. The aims of yESTRO are to secure a high level of relevance of ESTRO for young members in the field of radiation oncology in terms of educational, scientific and professional issues. 

  • Provides a networking platform for young professionals
  • Is responsible for the annual congress young track
  • Is responsible for the Agora meeting, a tool for ESTRO to prepare and ‘educate’ young members for new responsibilities/challenges?
  • Collaborates with the National Societies and supports the creation of young groups at national level
  • Has observers in the ESTRO standing committees
  • Engages in educational activities, with a special focus on online learning

Chair: Pierfrancesco Franco, Turin, Italy

Jean Emmanuel Bibault, Paris, France

Martin-Immanuel Bittner, Oxford, United Kingdom

Cyrus Chargari, Paris, France

Ludwig Dubois, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Laura Mullaney, Dublin, Ireland

Kathrine Røe Redalen, Trondheim, Norway

Steven Petit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Jenny Bertholet, London, United Kingdom

Jolien Heukelom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sophie Perryck, Zurich, Switzerland

Mateusz Spałek, Warsaw, Poland

The young committee is contactable through Myriam Lybeer at ESTRO office.