The questionnaire study on European practice in prostate brachytherapy is ongoing. Some incomplete data were presented at the GEC ESTRO Annual meeting in Budapest (May 2005); this questionnaire study has been the task of Pablo Lavagnini following the comprehensive activities of the Italian group in Italy. The status will be clarified.

Another area of work and interest is the extension of the GEC-ESTRO guidelines to address 3D image based planning and reporting parameters for prostate brachytherapy. It has been subject of further work during the last year. A comprehensive manuscript on Target Delineation by Salembier has been distributed throughout the group and is being discussed. It was found that there is a necessity to use agreed concepts and terms within GEC ESTRO, as exemplified by the Gynaecology and Prostate GEC ESTRO group and subgroups in Braphyqs DVH group.  

The goal is to arrive at a common language between the Gynaecology, Prostate and DVH subgroups within GEC ESTRO. Over the last three years, the group has met together with the Braphys (brachytherapy physics) group and the close cooperation is ongoing.