The Group's work is directed towards the production of GEC-ESTRO recommendations on BT for H&N carcinomas. Areas of interest include tumours of oral cavity or of oropharynx, treatment of paranasal sinus malignancies, lip cancer and salvage brachytherapy.

The Group has worked hard and is finalising recommendations to be published in the "Radiotherapy & Oncology" journal. A panel of specialists reviewed literature on brachytherapy for head & neck cancer, added information based on their clinical experience, and formulated recommendations for head & neck LDR, HDR, or PDR brachytherapy. These recommendations are made for previously untreated and recurrent head & neck cancer patients on selection criteria, implant techniques, target volume definition, time-dose-fraction, dosimetry, prescription and reporting, monitoring and post-treatment care. These general and site-specific recommendations were established by consensus. The areas of controversy and those for further investigations are identified.