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  • Advanced Technologies

    Beijing, China

    [ Image guidance ]
    [ Adaptive radiotherapy ]
  • Particle Therapy

    Trento, Italy

    You may know your ions from your protons, but do you know the difference between active and passive beam delivery technology? Or the radiobiological, physical or clinical rationale for proton and carbon ion therapy? The course covers all this, as well as reviewing the current evidence for particle therapy, the status of clinical trials and the latest technological developments in this novel and important form of radiation treatment.

    [ Early deadline: 19 November 2019 ]
  • Clinical Practice and Implementation of Image-guided Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Learn about the latest developments in stereotactic body radiotherapy and cranial stereotactic radiosurgery. Understand the physical and technical requirements and discuss ways to establish a multi-professional clinical stereotactic programme.

    [ Early deadline: 15 October 2019 ]
  • Advanced Skills in Modern Radiotherapy

    Vienna, Austria

    Are you a new radiation therapist (RTT) or more experienced? Do you want to expand your knowledge of radiation therapy treatment design and delivery or just refresh your understanding? This course offers RTTS a comprehensive overview of the discipline, whatever your level of expertise.


    [ Early deadline: 18 February 2020 ]
  • Dose Modelling Verification for External Beam Radiotherapy

    Barcelona, Spain

    Bemused by external beam modelling? Dazed by dose calculation algorithms? This course shines the spotlight on treatment planning systems and dose verification for external beam therapy.

    [ Early deadline: 18 February 2020 ]
  • IMRT/VMAT and Other Highly Conformal Techniques in Practice

    Modena, Italy

    Find out how to implement or improve the use of IMRT/VMAT and other highly conformal techniques in the clinic, while taking account of well-known clinical and technical issues, as well as the latest developments in this radiotherapy field.

    [ Early deadline: 25 February 2020 ]

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