ECCO Value Based Healthcare Project

Under the aegis of ECCO, and led by Prof Yolande Lievens, a working group on value based healthcare has been established, focusing on the applicability of existing value frameworks in the pharmaceutical sector towards non-systemic oncology treatment (e.g. radiation oncology and surgery). ESTRO experts are involved.

As a result, an article has been published “Towards an evidence-informed value scale for surgical and radiation oncology: a multi-stakeholder perspective” in which the case for improving health system understanding of the value of non-systemic oncology treatment is made with reference to scales for this purpose developed for systemic treatment. More information here.

SIOP Europe – The European Society for Paediatric Oncology

ESTRO has been collaborating with SIOP Europe on one of the work packages – dedicated to paediatric cancer –within the frame of the EU Joint Action on Rare Cancers (2016 – 2019, EU Health Programme) .

The Joint Action on Rare Cancers (JARC) is an initiative aiming to formulate policy recommendations on rare cancers – including paediatric malignancies – that can be implemented by Member States and in relevant EU initiatives.

The group of experts, where ESTRO representatives are included, has been mapping the radiotherapy (RT) paediatric guidelines availability and the departments in Europe providing RT to children. A paper has been published, addressing the delivery of good clinical practice compliant treatment in paediatric radiation oncology with a focus on patient-related care, education and training: Recommendations for the organisation of care in paediatric radiation oncology across Europe: a SIOPE–ESTRO–PROS–CCI-Europe collaborative project in the framework of the JARC.