#yESTROconnect: the yESTRO online networking initiative to remain connected during the summer - PDF Version

Lockdown is easing in many countries in Europe and we are starting to see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and the much-awaited “return to normal”. However, a large number of people are still at home, more or less isolated and let’s just admit it: we miss each other!  

The 2020 annual meeting of the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO2020) has been postponed to November and although the hybrid format will allow participation even for people not able to travel to Vienna, there are still a few months to wait. 

Social media has been a great ally to many in this difficult period of isolation, to maintain some social contact despite the social, or better said, physical, distancing measures. 

Young ESTRO (yESTRO) is therefore proposing a programme of online social networking during the summer. We would like to use the hashtag #yESTROconnect and launch a series of actions through the summer that invite all members of the radiotherapy community to participate on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Our first action will be a photo contest: show us your home office set-up! 

Post a photo of your home office set-up and collect as many “likes” as you can, starting today, using #yESTROconnect. 

We will announce new actions regularly on these same platforms through the ESTRO accounts. We have a few ideas in mind for the next actions. However, feel free to contact the editors of the young corner newsletter to suggest your own ideas for action  or to share your story in the newsletter. 

Jenny Bertholet & Sophie Perryck
On behalf of the young committee 


Jenny Bertholet


Sophie Perryck