In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequences on the cancer care, the RTT committee developed recommendations for RTTs.  

Due to the success of the initiative and with the help of volunteers, this document is now available in various languages. 

Please find below the links to the different versions: 

  • French, translated by Ludwig Van Den Berghe, Aude Vaandering and Sophie Boisbouvier 
  • German,  translated by Phil Scherer and Andreas Osztavics on behalf of the RTTs in the Austrian society of Radiation Oncology (ÖGRO ARGE RT)
  • Italian, translated by Danilo Pasini and Patrizia Cornacchione on behalf of the Italian national RTT society (AITRO). 
  • Polish, translated by Bartosz Bąk and Dawid Bodusz on behalf of the Polish Society of Electroradiology (PSE)
  • Portuguese,  translated by Filipe Moura and the Portuguese Association of Radiation Therapists (ART)
  • Russian, translated by Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi and Marina Kislyakova
  • Serbian-Latin, translated by Ilija Čurić & Jovan Stevanovic on behalf of the Serbian Society of Radiotherapy Technicians (SSRT)
  • Spanish, translated by the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology (SEOR) 


Further more detail information on the recommendations can be found in the linked publication (

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With special thanks to all the volunteers and the national societies that supported this project!


The RTT Committee