40 years. 40 memories. 40 weeks


I remember my first ESTRO attendance as a student when I attended the ESTRO 3D treatment planning teaching course in Amsterdam.  Since then, ESTRO has played an important role in shaping my career as an educator and clinician.  I am now actively involved as faculty member of ESTRO teaching courses as well as member of the editorial board. ESTRO has given me opportunity to meet and work across like-minded professionals. I was fortunate to make lifelong friends and to be able to share best practices between countries.  

Last year ESTRO organized its first ESTRO conference in Asia.  As always, it was a big bang and brought much enthusiasm and excitement to Asia.  It’s my pleasure to be able to help with the organization of this 1st ESTRO Meets Asia conference held in Singapore and this year, again as the co_chair of RTT track for 2nd ESTRO Meets Asia 2020.   I look forward to many more years of ESTRO and wishing ESTRO a very happy 40 years.  


  • Name:  Dr Sharon 
  • Last Name: Wong 
  • Institution: National Cancer Centre Singapore, Division of Radiation Oncology 
  • ESTRO member since 2014 
  • Function within ESTRO:  Faculty for the Positioning and Immobilization for Radiotherapy  training course, member of editorial board for TipsRO, co-chair RTT track for ESTRO meets Asia.