40 years. 40 memories. 40 weeks

I've been an ESTRO member ever since I returned to Europe from Canada in 2001.  ESTRO has been a gateway to integrate with other medical physicists and to collaborate in pan-European projects. When I was invited to teach at the Multidisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer by Prof Poortmans in 2010, it connected me with the ESTRO school faculty, and "KOLs, the key opinion leaders" within the field of radiotherapy and Oncology. This allowed me to become more involved in ESTRO activities and start new initiatives like the Women in ESTRO Medical Physics group with Dr Nuria Jornet Sala and Dr Catharine Clark. 

  • Name: Marianne
  • Last name:  Aznar
  • Institution: The Christie, Manchester, UK

  • Member since: 2001