Medical Science Summer School Oncology for Medical Students

Vienna, Austria

[ Early deadline: 30 April 2019 ]

The Medical University of Vienna and the University of Groningen collaborate in the organisation of a Medical Sciences Summer School Oncology for Medical Students: in even years the Summer School on Oncology is taking place the University Medical Center Groningen, in uneven years it is taking place biannually at the Medical University of Vienna. 

Both Summer Schools are supported by ESTRO, ESSO and ESO, by UICC and by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Cancer Education.

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The goal of the Groningen/Vienna Summer Schools is to teach a multidisciplinary approach to oncology to medical students before they enter the clinic. The first Summer School in Groningen was held in 1996 and in Vienna in 1999. So far, students from both Summer schools recorded high satisfaction with the organisation, scientific content and topic range.

The course aims to:

  • Teach a multidisciplinary approach to oncology to medical students in the final phase of their studies
  • Help students to become familiar with cancer care in general health practice, to reduce fear of patients with a malignant disease and to learn more about cancer related problems in other countries 
  • Introduce cancer related research and development, new technologies in diagnostic procedures (invasive and non-invasive) and modern multidisciplinary treatment approaches 
  • Become familiar with preparing abstracts and posters and presenting at an international meeting. 


  • Max 35 participants 
  • Fee: 630 € includes registration, housing and beverages during the course
  • All students are requested to send an abstract upfront with an oncologic topic related to cancer and cancer care in their home country / institution (T1) or related to a clinical, preclinical or translational research subject related to oncology (T2). The preparation of the abstracts should be supervised by a faculty member at the home medical school of the students.
  • T1 students are asked to present a poster on the topic of their abstract and the T2 students to give a short presentation on the research topic. All abstracts, posters and presentations will be reviewed and rated by the faculty members from the organising Center. The best abstract, poster and presentation will be awarded and students get a prize, a certificate and selected benefits for their further development.





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Information on the registration procedure and about the course can be found 

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