ESTRO 2021

Madrid, Spain

It is my privilege and great pleasure to invite you to ESTRO 2021 that will take place 7 - 11 May 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

ESTRO’s new vision statement for 2030 ‘Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.’ emphasizes the ambition of the Society to further reinforce radiation oncology as core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care and to guarantee accessible and high-value radiation therapy for all cancer patients who need it.

In line with the ESTRO vision 2030, ESTRO 2021 will convey the theme “Optimal radiotherapy for all”.

The global cancer incidence is increasing rapidly, and it is anticipated that more than two-thirds of the 20 million new cancer cases worldwide occur in low- and middle-income countries. In these countries, there is often a severe shortage of radiotherapy. We will need new and innovative approaches and joint actions to address these increasing demands.

The comprehensive scientific programme at ESTRO 2021 offers state-of-the-art teaching lectures, symposia, debates on hot topics, as well as a range of educational activities such as pre-meeting courses, contouring workshops, and multidisciplinary tumour boards.

As of ESTRO 2020, we put extra effort in optimising the programme format of the ESTRO annual conference by giving more room and visibility to contributions from abstract submissions. Again, at ESTRO 2021, sessions with highlights of proffered papers will take place in a plenary setting, offering maximum visibility to your work. Furthermore, we will aim to give more visibility to posters by increasing the number of posters that will be discussed offering you a platform to showcase your achievements. You are therefore strongly encouraged to submit an abstract by 28 October 2020 and become part of this prestigious event. Late breaking abstract submission will also be possible as of early January 2021 and within the deadline of 20 January 2021.

The interdisciplinary component of the scientific programme will include sessions on the following topics:

  • Education in radiation Oncology
  • Guidelines
  • Hyperthermia
  • Surface-guided radiotherapy
  • RBE in proton therapy
  • Radio-Immunotherapy
  • MR Linac
  • State-of-the-art in Lung cancer
  • State-of-the-art in Prostate cancer

Once again young members are working on preparing a dedicated Young Scientists Track encompassing relevant lectures and other activities. This will provide a unique opportunity to network and the possibility of becoming involved in, or even starting international and domestic projects.

ESTRO 2021 houses Europe’s largest industrial exhibition in radiation oncology, offering you a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to find here the latest developments in technology, techniques and oncology products. We look forward to welcoming you in Madrid.

With warm regards,

Ben Slotman
ESTRO 2021 Chair


Ben Slotman (NL) Chair of the congress and Chair of the interdisciplinary track

Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz (NL) Chair, SAG Brachytherapy

Brita Singers Sorensen (DK) Chair, SAG Radiobiology

Wouter van Elmpt (NL) Chair, SAG Radiation Physics

Maria Antonietta Gambacorta (IT) Chair, SAG Clinical Radiotherapy

Yat Man Tsang (UK) Chair, SAG Radiation Therapy

Jenny Bertholet (UK) Chair, Young track

Sophie Perryck (CH) Chair, Young track

Martin-Immanuel Bittner (UK), Cyrus Chargari (FR), Umberto Ricardi (IT), Karin Haustermans (BE), Bradley Pieters (NL), Marc Vooijs (NL), Catharine Clark (UK), Bartosz Bak (PL), Michael Baumann (DE), Jens Overgaard (DK), Daniel Zips (DE), Sara Faithfull (UK), Daniela Thorwarth (DE)


Wouter van Elmpt (NL) Chair
Marianne Aznar (DK), Catharine Clark (GB), Claudio Fiorino (IT), Eduard Gershkevitsh (EE), Ben Heijmen (NL), Aswin Hoffmann (DE), Nuria Jornet (ES), Guillaume Landry (DE), Eirik Malinen (NO), Ludvig Muren (DK), Tufve Nyholm (SE), Uwe Oelfke (GB), Kari Tanderup (DK), Daniela Thorwarth (DE), Uulke van der Heide (NL), Dirk Verellen (BE)


Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz (NL) Chair
Cyrus Chargari (FR), Marisol De Brandere (BE), Peter Hoskin (UK), Nicole Nesvacil (AT), Bradley Pieters (NL), Csaba Polgár (HU), Agata Rembielak (UK), Carl Salembier (BE), FrankAndré Siebert (DE), Vratislav Strnad (DE), Luca Tagliaferri (IT)


MA Gambacorta (IT) Chair
Pierre Blanchard (FR), Eric Deutsch (FR), Dorota Gabrys (PL), Cihan Gani (DE), Karin Haustermans (BE), Morten Høyer (DK), Hans Langendijk (NL), Anne Laprie (FR), Pedro Lara (ES), Cecile Le Pechoux (FR), Icro Meattini (IT), Ursula Nestle (DE), Claus Roedel (DE), Esther Troost (DE), Henrike Westerveld (NL)


Yat Man Tsang (UK) Chair
Bartosz Bak (PL), Colleen Dickie (CA), Aileen Duffton (UK), Ingrid Kristensen (SE), Mirjam Mast (NL), Filipe Moura (PT), Laura Mullaney (IE), Sophie Perryck (CH), Maddalena Rossi (NL), Michael Velec (CA), Bernd Wisgrill (AT)


Brita Singers Sørensen (DK) Chair
Kerstin Borgmann (DE), Anthony Chalmers (UK), Rob Coppes (NL), Anna Dubrovska (DE), Heidi Lyng (NO), Laure Marignol (IE), Francois Paris (FR), Navita Somaiah (UK), Peter Van Luijk (NL), Marc Vooijs (NL), Marie-Catherine Vozenin (CH)


Jenny Bertholet (UK) Sophie Perryck (CH) Chairs
Jean-Emmanuel Bibault (FR), Martin-Immanuel Bittner (UK), Cyrus Chargari (FR), Ludwig Dubois (NL), Pierfrancesco Franco (IT), Jolien Heukelom (NL), Laura Mullaney (IE), Steven Petit (NL), Kathrine Røe Redalen (NO), Mateusz Spałek (PL)

Abstract submission: 28 October 2020
Late breaking abstract submission: 20 January 2021
Early registration deadline: 3 February 2021
Late registration deadline: 7 April 2021
Desk registration as of 8 April 2021

IFEMA – Feria de Madrid
Avda. del Partenón, 5
28042 Madrid

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