40 years of ESTRO

The Polish Society of Oncological Radiotherapy (PTRO) was founded in 2004 in Gliwice. Almost all of PTRO members have participated in many events organized by ESTRO in the last forty years. Besides, through the Green Journal and DOVE, all members have access to evidence-based medicine and the latest cancer treatment guidelines. ESTRO - School and the FALCON platform educates young radiotherapists, radiobiologist, medical physicists, electroradiologists, as well as improves the skills of these experienced members.

ESTRO annual congresses built a platform in Europe and in the world to exchange experiences and knowledge about oncological radiotherapy with professionals and even with patients.

However, first of all, ESTRO gives a sense of community in this narrow field of medicine which is oncological radiotherapy. We are proud that we are a part of it.


  • Institution name: : Polish Society of Oncological Radiotherapy