ESTRO Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general management of the property, funds and business of the Association. In May 2011, the new ESTRO statutes were adopted and the composition of the Board of Directors is now as listed below.

Read more details on the powers and duties of the Board in the ESTRO statutes under downloads.


Board of directors

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Yolande Lievens - President

Ghent, Belgium  

Philip Poortmans - Past-President

Paris, France

Umberto Ricardi - President Elect 

Rome, Italy

Dirk Verellen - Treasurer

Brussels, Belgium

Mary Coffey - Membership Officer

Dublin, Ireland

Claudio Fiorino

Milan, Italy

Matthias Guckenberger

Zurich, Switzerland

Gert Meijer

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Marianne Nordsmark

Aarhus, Denmark

Concita Vens

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Board member: Peter Hoskin (Middlesex, UK)


Co-Editor-in-Chief: Jens Overgaard (Aarhus, Denmark)

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Michael Baumann (Dresden, Germany)

Jesper Eriksen (Odense, Denmark)







The Board is contactable through Marta Jayes at ESTRO office,